Moselie is a licensed real estate agent. She helps buyers, sellers, and renters with all of their real estate transaction. Moselie is knowledgeable and totally reliable. She has a pretty broad background working in the hospitality business, earning two college degrees and currently undergoing graduate school. She also the owner of a small business called Monovation Events, and her dream of entrepreneurship is just on the rising. Moselie is a passionate and charismatic person, she enjoys spending quality times with her loved ones as well as volunteering at big organizations like the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, etc.. When it comes to real estate, Moselie believes that everyone deserves to own a piece of land or property. She makes this her milestones to help others turn their dream to homeownership reality. If you need to change your life today, the house of your dream is just a step away. Feel free to reach out to Moselie and let her be YOUR REALTOR®.